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How can we use Esoteric Astrology and the Claregate Method to help people heal?Esoteric Astrology enables us to check and navigate the deeper part of our psyche by using the symbolism found in the chart that reflects exactly the mirror of our psyche potential (Higher and Lower).  We can use our consciousness, and its higher levels of intuition, to investigate our psyche and the energies that compose it, and which continue to exist in our psyche. With Esoteric Astrology we can do this with two methods:

  1. Parsing (transmutation of astrological aspects in figure or sentences)
  2. The Claregate method (working with dreams and meditation on astrological aspects of the chart)

Astrology and Health

Often, people who approach naturopathy are those who haven’t found a solution with allopathic methods, and many can struggle for years with physical or emotional problems that are indefinable or unclear. Usually, they cannot understand why they have this problem, or perhaps they know the origin, or the initial fact, but they are not able to change the situation and the problem seems to have no apparent solution. Often, by looking at the chart of such individuals, we can note that these problems originate in the sign of Pisces or its ruler Pluto and 12th house.

It is curious that the opposite House of Pisces is the 6th house, the House of Virgo, the House of Health. Hence, when in astrology we search for health and healing problems, we check the 6th house and following the Sign on the cusp and this Sign’s ruler. Of course it depends on the chart characteristics, whether other planets are positioned in this House, and if so we will also check these Planets and Signs aspects. Normally in this house we find how health could be manifested in the outer world, and how the health problems could be shown to the world, as well as what kind of issue the people could have and the nature of their issue (in the example that follows later we can see how this works). However, it is not necessarily the case that the solution or the cause will be found here in this house.

In Esoteric Healing we know that the physical or emotional problems come from a lack of connection between the Soul and the Personality. This lack of connection stops the potential and the real energy of the people from flowing and being manifested as it should in the world, creating stagnation in their subtle fields or physical bodies.  

In fact often when people have health problems they experience these two situations:

  1. They don’t know why they have the problem or all seems normal for them.
  2. They know about the problem, but they don’t know how to overcome it and change the situation.

These two points have two references in astrology: the first one is Pisces, Pluto and 12th House; the second one is the planet Earth and its position in the chart with relative aspects. (I am talking about tendencies and not rules, a good astrologer always takes in consideration all the aspects of the charts and the Soul purpose of the Chart)

Pisces and Unconscious World

Pisces, Pluto and 12th house have to do with all things that are covered or hidden and not clear. It is where we have difficulty understanding what is happening and why it is happening because we can’t see, or because these are moving in the deeper part of ourselves, the unconscious part of ourselves, the underworld realm of Hades. Here is where we have also the secret enemies, our inner enemies and our deeper fears that we don’t want to see. Carl Gustav Jung’s works are about this realm, the realm of the unconscious (Pisces). He showed to the world how psychology of the unconscious (healing of the Psyche) works and how it could heal people. The majority of the work is about discovering what is locked behind the scenes (Pisces) of our psyche, destabilising our mental, emotional and physical life. When this energy or archetype is released all the order of the inner self comes back and problems disappear. In fact, Hades was the king of the Underworld but he was also the God that keeps the riches, these are our latent potentials and our inner forces that are locked behind the appearance. We have to remember that every problem is more about energy that is unexpressed, or blocked in some way, in our subtle or physical bodies. So the most important part of the work is to bring the blockage out from the dark of the unknown into the light of consciousness, where we can work with it. That’s why the axis of Pisces (unknown and the underworld) and Virgo (purification, discrimination and healing) is so important in healing matters. It is all about a consciousness process that need to achieve a consciousness evolution of itself, from the dark to the light.

Earth, our Shortcomings and Direction

The Earth is the other planet that is often involved  when it comes to problems. Earth is the ruler of Sagittarius and 9th house. Why should it be taken in consideration on healing problems? Because Earth is the planet of our gaps or shortcomings, the planet that shows us where we are lacking and have to improve: to learn what we need to integrate in our personality in order to make It stronger for our soul potential. Earth is often also about lacking direction, being off course and not taking care of ourselves. It can represent our rough or untidy side, where we fail to pay attention. If we include Sagittarius we have the goal that we need to reach, the direction that we need to take to go forward, and also the higher and spiritual lessons (Sagittarius and 9th house) that we need to learn (Earth). So that’s why Earth sometimes is very helpful, because we can find the direction of the energy and the lessons that we need to learn to go forward to the next level. Earth is also the planet where we incarnate. This also implies the goal that we have here on this planet, as the environment where one reincarnates, is functional to his goal in that life. The Earth should always be taken into account when talking about our own evolution. This factor should have a main role because it represents us, our lives, our goals and our evolution. We can’t talk about us without a planet Earth.

Esoteric Astrology’s Instruments

As told before, many times, we find problems, or people that have problems, which seem to have no cause or the cause is unobtainable, but with Esoteric Astrology we have the tools to research and go deeper into these matters and question them. How do we do this? Consulting the natal chart of the person, we can investigate what aspect may be creating the problems because the chart is a mirror to the psyche and all its tendencies. (Remember that astrology is dynamic and we have to check all the chart).

When we have found the aspect we have three methods to work on it:

  1. The first is parsing: the art of transforming astrological aspects in symbolic sentences that can explain what is happening on our deeper level of consciousness.
  2. The second one is the meditation on these aspects, and subsequent interpretation of the visions or symbolism that we may experience.
  3. The third method is the esoteric research by propositioning our higher self via dreams: we take the astrological aspects and we put the aspect in our Spiritual Diary.  In this case we are encouraging our dreams and our unconscious to give us a reply during the night, so we can make this kind of research by dreaming. Then we will have the interpretation of the dreams to help provide a deeper explanation about what is happening in our inner life.

In the last two months, I have personally added another spiritual (or mental) technique named ThetaHealing to the previously mentioned astrological methods. ThetaHealing is a spiritual-mental healing that consists of rebalancing the information fields of the human being on different levels. It works on beliefs that we have recorded in our physical or metaphysical bodies. The foundation of this method is the recognition that when we use meditation to reach a higher level of concentration (Theta brainwaves), we have the power to change our deeper beliefs recorded in our bodies from physical to non-physical (it is important to acknowledge that we are a field of information). When we are not so conscious of ourselves and our mental body functions, we are like a blank page where mental impressions could be recorded unconsciously within us. This could be done by us or by people that are emotionally close to us, or also from the culture and the environment that we have around us.  

Convictions are made up of information on all our bodies that is stored within us. Such information is what creates our reality as well as what we are, and obviously also what we spread in our environment or external world – bearing in mind our inner and external worlds are always linked. These convictions can be very restrictive for our Soul’s entity and energy. The information becomes transmuted in beliefs, and beliefs are nothing more than sentences recorded in our energy fields. For example, someone who uses the phrase, “who has money is a bad boy”, implies that very probably they are not able to find a good job with a good salary.

Stored information could come from this life or past lives. The ThetaHealing system describes an order to our unconscious levels components, these are:

  1. Subconscious – this life information.
  2. Genetics – our family information, actual and ancient.
  3. Historical – our past life information.
  4. Soul level – our soul information. (Here Soul may have a different meaning from what we know as Higher Self but is still a very high and deeper state of consciousness).

Once we have identified the beliefs with our esoteric method, we can work directly on the stored information using ThetaHealing. Much of the work could be with information that we don’t know we have and which is linked to the unconscious part of ourselves. When we use our Theta brainwaves we could change our stored beliefs, for example from ‘I hate myself’ to ‘I love myself’ etc. After making such a change we still have to work on the belief because Theta waves create new synapses but for them to be effective in life they need to be recognized and used to make it stronger. Medicine knows that repeating something creates stronger links thus synapses are reinforced with repetition.

Example:  ‘A.’ came to my studio with the problem that, every time she works (Naturopathy) or speaks in public she feels strong anxiety, something that comes from behind her consciousness. She can’t explain it or explain why; it comes from a very unconscious part of her psyche; the anxiety is manifested in the outer world as very strong tremors of the body that don’t allow her to work. This difficulty in the practice of her own work is making her think she has taken the wrong direction in life.  She has had the problem since she was young and she has tried a lot of cures and therapies, but nothing worked. Hence, we applied Esoteric Astrology to conduct our research:

  1. Using chart analysis and parsing the aspects linked to the problems.
  2. With Esoteric research by dreams of the aspects chosen from the charts.
  3. Analysis of her dreams, after talking, and relating to her my research through my own dreamwork on her Chart.
  4. ThetaHealing work on the conviction obtained from her dreams.Chart of ‘A.’:

Brief Analysis of the Chart:

We can see from the chart that the manifestation of ‘A’s problem is exactly in her 6th house – Aquarius on the cusp signifies tremors. Saturn in Aquarius Retrograde in the 6th house (remember that the 6th house is the home of Virgo and in ‘A.’s case Virgo is her Ascendant) tells us that this is part of old karma, but the retrograde motion shows us that she could resolve it maybe with healing and bringing service to other people, maybe also within a group (and we know also that these are just the moments when this problem shows itself more – check “’A.’ came to my studio with this problem: every time she works (Naturopathy) or talks in public she feels a strong anxiety”. Jupiter, ruler of Aquarius, is Retrograde in 8th house where we have tests and trials and where something could appear from nowhere. In the 8th house we have also recent karma (house of Scorpio) and also genetic memories handed down from family genetics – Hereditary (8th house Scorpio). The cusp of the 8th house is in Aries, and here we find the nervous system (Aries), and the anxiety that come from nowhere (8th house) which provokes tremors (Aquarius) of the nervous system and the cause of this is karmic (Saturn Retrograde + 8th house of Scorpio). We should also keep in mind that Jupiter Retrograde can also involve specific roles within a group (part of her problem is expressing herself in front of many people). If we follow the aspects we will find Mercury, ruler of Aries in 2nd house in Libra and Uranus, ruler of Libra in Virgo in the 12th house in conjunction with Virgo Asc. The presence of Libra and Uranus in her health problem aspects suggest to us that this karma and this problem is a challenge for her in how to build a better and clean (Virgo) connection or relationship (Uranus and Libra) with her Soul (Virgo Asc.) as well also in the outer world (difficult anxiety in relationship).  

If we check the classic aspects we could see that the main planets of her healing aspect (Saturn Rx in Aquarius in 6th house – Jupiter Rx in Aries in 8th house), Jupiter Rx with Saturn Rx, create a Yod aspect with Venus conjunct to Pluto and Sun in 1st house conjunct to Virgo Asc., and this aspect involves special gifts in healing others. We have the Yod (Special Gifts), Venus (the Gifts), Virgo 6th house (Healing), and karmic needs to be resolved (Saturn – 8th house) by Service to others (Virgo Asc). We have also all the deeper states of the psyche that need to be transformed (Pluto and 8th house).

We already noted that ‘A.’ has problems in public, groups and work (groups we have already seen).  If we check her occupation in the chart we find 10th house Gemini on the Cusp, Venus ruler of Gemini in the 1st house in Virgo – Virgo Ascendant; special gift (Venus) to heal (Virgo) people with hands (Gemini – Venus) i.e. ‘massages others’, teaching (Gemini) for work (10th house), how to stay in good health (Venus in Virgo – Virgo Asc.). Now if we check angular aspects, we can see that the MC success and career (10th house) is square with Uranus in Virgo in 12th house with Leo on the Cusp, and also with Virgo Asc. and Pluto conjunct with Sun in Virgo 1st house. (Remember ‘A.’ struggles to give massage because she experiences tremors during the session). The square is a challenge. Here we find the challenge of going into the underworld to understand ‘who I am’ (Uranus in 12th Virgo Cusp Leo and 1st house with Pluto). Uranus in Virgo with the square to MC could present problems in one to one healing (Virgo), and relationships (Uranus), in work (10th house) and in public (Leo on the cusp). 12th house Leo on the cusp could be ‘I don’t know who I am’.  

If we take the Sun (personality and public persona) which is in Virgo in 1st house, this is normally a good position to have a strong and practical personality, but Pluto conjunct to the Sun and to the Asc. could hide this and bring fear and purification (Virgo) of the underworld (Pluto). Moreover, with Earth in Pisces and Leo on the Cusp of 12th house, there is a strong relationship between personality integration and integration of the underworld in the personality itself. We have a very strong axis between Virgo and Pisces for personality integration. Now if we look more closely we find that Pisces occupies 10 degrees of the 6th house of health, and this could explain why it has been so difficult to find a solution to her problems. Pisces rules all that is unclear, hidden or that simply we don’t know. So we find that the two axis of Leo and Aquarius (12th and 6th houses) ‘me and the others’, and Virgo with Pisces (1st and 7th houses) where we find ‘black and white, good and bad, sin and purity’, but also me (1st house) and the other (7th house) are very stronger in this natal chart.

We have also to remember that the Sun in Virgo conjunct with Asc. in Virgo, is opposite Earth in Pisces, and we know that the Earth is where we find the lesson that the personality needs to learn to become integrated. So, Pisces here takes a major role. Keeping in mind that we have the Sun conjunct to Pluto, (ruler of Pisces), this become more evident, also because it is related to her Soul (Virgo Asc. conjunct) and her gifts (Venus conjunct) related to success (Gemini Mc).  

If we consider the Ascendant Virgo we find the ruler is the Moon in Taurus in 9th house. The Moon in this case it is part of a T-square with the opposition of Neptune in Scorpio in 3rd house, square to Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius in 6th house (health problems manifest). Saturn Rx. in this case is a point of major tension as the apex of the T-square. The opposition between Moon and Neptune could indicate difficulties to studies but could also indicate to us that it is mother-line genetic karma problems that present as the tremor manifestation –  mother (Neptune) karma (Scorpio and Saturn), genetic-karma (Scorpio and Moon) with Taurus (roots) Moon in Taurus in 9th. (Could also receive (9th house) old memories (moon) in the phase of foetal growing (Moon Taurus Sagittarius). Here we have also a solution where, learning esoteric matters (Scorpio) for practical healing (Moon in Taurus) could be helpful for her. (After she confirmed that her mother also suffered the same problems.). At the end of the reading of the chart I decided to investigate with parsing and dream-work, starting with this aspect:

At the end of the reading of the chart i decided to investigate, with parsing and dream-work, this aspect: Earth in Pisces in 7th House - Opposite -  Pluto conjunct Sun in Virgo 1st House Virgo Asc.

First night dreams: Aspects: Earth in Piscis in 7th House

I am with a group of female students. They accompanied me in this city, in ancient Italian style, I ask the girls: “where are we?” They say “we are in Prato” (town of my esoteric study and School of Astrology). I have to meet a friend (Rossella %r). Now I am inside an ancient church in gothic-romanic style (Pluto-Virgo – Libra her 1st house), i am trying to understand if there are some energetic points, or not, inside this church. Over the altar, there is a child (%). He is talking but I don’t pay attention to him. On the both sides there are two artists who are painting two wonderful moons that give me a good feeling (£ – Virgo Asc). I went outside the church and decided that, before to go to meet Rossella, I will go to see the beautiful church that I saw in the background (like the Dome in Florence) (Virgo-Pluto cleaned full expression). It seemed to be in a central point of the view and I went in this direction, but I found myself in front of another church, another roman-gothic church. All the towers of this church were covered in lead with black spiral like snake tails (Pluto-Scorpio). It rains a lot and I can’t enter into the church. I tried to take some photos but it’s not possible: it is dark and there is a person between me and the church (Uranus in 12th Leo on the cusp). After going back to the gardens of the church I found small aggressive dinosaurs and a snake, which all want to bite me. Then a teacher of the project and a child helped me to kill the snakes.

Second dream:Paolo diving from a cliff with rough sea – you could easily dive from the edge of the pool.

Interpretation: Before going to meet the esoteric studies (Rossella) and find the beautiful Dome (Higher Self), I have to improve my discernment skills, and pass through the dark world of the gothic church representing the lower and hidden side of the self that for the moment seems close to me which I know is there. Only then could I go to meet the esoteric teaching. Before then I must kill off limiting thoughts (dinosaurs) and fears (the snake) that come from the Underworld. There is a necessity to build knowledge of the Self, but without fear. Second night dreamsI am in a place that looks like a building site or a place that sells cars (Libra), i don’t know why i am here (Pisces), when i went outside I couldn’t find my car (Sun and Uranus). I find a friend of mine – a sensitive. We are trying to sense the energies to find the car (discernment Virgo). I feel something that attracts me; i follow this attraction and i find an old car covered up under a mound (Uranus in Virgo 12th). The car is beautiful, but it is not my own. It was an old green BMW. I am going around this for big place searching to see if someone has hidden my car as I can’t find it (Sun conjunct with Pluto – earth Pisces in 7th), I am starting to worry about the personal effects that I have in my car and also for the credit cards and the phone (1st house and Uranus). I went into the shops but I couldn’t find anything there. Now i am at a lunch with the secretary of the place, a former classmate that now works in a travel agency and a geography expert (Earth in Pisces). While we are waiting for our food, I ask her about her travels. When the dishes arrive, I am no longer sure of what I had ordered: I don’t know if this dish is mine or not, I am not sure. We are at a table near the car park, under a canopy. I take a beach umbrella, and I open it and place it behind us (Sun and12th). At that moment, a very big wave bursts from the river (Pisces), through a valley between the mountains; all the people run away, and I suggest laying down to reduce the impact, but in  reality, there was very little water and we just have to jump it. I start searching for my car again in the parking lot. This is where the big wave came.The owner and the owner’s wife show up. She is very similar to ‘A.’ and we feel that the we are about to find a solution. She, along with the secretary, takes us behind the debris of a flooding that happened long before and which has wounded the owner a lot. Behind and over the debris, led by the wife, we find the ancient place of the flood with much debris but also the sanctuary that the owner is building behind the scene, in honour to all the dead people from the flood. Amongst the many debris and the sanctuary with a lot of burning candles, there is also my car and there is also me. I was working in secret so that this project could be concluded in secret. I was the master of ceremony, I embrace my Geography classmate for giving her help, without her I couldn’t have managed to make it possible (Earth in Pisces). (All the major aspect of the dream are about Uranus in 12th (Pisces house) and Earth in Pisces 7th house (Libra house)).

Interpretation:The personality disappeared and is not easy to find (car). Also here we have to improve discernment and our subtleties, or we lose ourself (car) and also our food (what we are eating). To find these we need direction (geography), a soul direction (secretary-Virgo). we have to fight a fear that is an illusion – the big waves didn’t cause real damage.  We need help from another – the wife (Libra- Uranus) to lead us behind the wound of the owner of the personality (Sun in Pisces). Behind the scene of the personality the Higher Self is already building a sanctuary in secret (the personality can’t see it for the moment) and it needs to be finished. So ‘A.’ shouldn’t be worried because the solution is coming and has to do with her discernment, use of her subtle feelings and her sensitivity, and what could seem a big problem in reality is actually not. There is an ancient wound that need to be healed and the cure for this is already coming from behind to build something new and very sacred. And there is also the need to see and connect this inner part of herself.

Then I worked on the parsing.Reading and Parsing: Earth in Piscis in 7th House - Opposite -  Pluto conjunct Sun in Virgo 1st House Virgo Asc.

We can see a conflict between good and evil (Virgo-Pluto), from analysis (Virgo) and not rational mind (Pluto), these are conjunct, so they need to be integrated. we have Saturn as the Decan on Asc. indicating us that this thing is going on and on (1st House) for a long time maybe lives (Saturn Decans).  It also needs time to be resolved (Saturn Decans), and needs analysis and purification (Virgo) purification of the unconscious (Virgo-Pluto-Sun-Venus are all conjunct). There is a need to study and learn (Earth) the law (7th house) of the unconscious (Pisces). If she can’t integrate her personality she will likely experience unconscious fears of being wrong (Pluto opposite Earth in Pisces), will lack confidence or even despise herself as being ugly and sinful (Pluto in Virgo with Earth in Pisces), alternatively she could become a slave (Virgo) to unconscious fears (Pluto).  All this could involve the losing, or the fear of losing, the proper direction (Earth in Pisces) – an arrow shot in the dark.


Aspect: Earth in Pisces – Sagittarius on the cusp of 4th House

● I don’t know where home is.

● I don’t know the law about feed myself.

● A steering wheel in a dark street in a foreign or distant house.

● I lose myself in the dark. (only Earth in Pisces) Aspect: Pluto conjunct to the Sun conjunct with Virgo Asc.

● A director in a clean and illuminated cave.

● A star hidden from something, need to be searched (Earth in Pisces)

Helping Aspect:Neptune in Scorpio in 3rd Sextile and Moon in Taurus in 9th TrineWe have the study (3rd and 9th houses) of the esoteric (Scorpio), dreams and meditation (Neptune under the Decans of Pluto), something like Jungian dream analysis or by symbolic pictures. And certainly also higher studies (9th house) of practical (Taurus), metaphysical or spiritual (9th house) methods of healing (moon).

Aspect: Neptune in Scorpio 3rd house Sextile to Pluto and Sun in Virgo Asc – Mars in Libra in 2nd house.

● Know (3rd house) how to use (Mars) esoteric (Scorpio) law (Libra) to channel (2nd house) and consolidate (2nd) the bridge (Libra) with the higher self (Mars – Venus as Decans).

● Libra in 2nd house – laziness or indecision on the use of own resources.

● Deep emotion is projected outside creating instability.

● Learn to balance emotional energy and channel it.

● Problems (Scorpio) in the uterus-ovaries (Taurus) of the mother (Moon and Neptune) for ideological fighting (3rd and 9th houses) on purity or chastity (6th and Moon) provoke damage (Square) that seems permanent (Saturn) but the Retrograde allows the resolution of those, that comes from outside with riding waves like (Aquarius) that makes the person tremor (Aquarius) from emotional insecurity (Neptune in Scorpio) of her own means (3rd house) and her own direction (Earth in Pisces).  

Aspect: Leo Cusp of Twelfth

● I can’t see myself

● My centre is in the dark

● My personality is hidden

● A veil covers the sun

● The king is hidden

● The hidden king finds a communication with his Soul. (Adding Uranus)

● The king makes a noise

During the first meeting with her: I tell her all the dreams, the parsing and their meaning.  This takes a long time so we conclude that we have to meet again to go deeper into the  work and work with the convictions using ThetaHealing.The day after we had our meeting ‘A.’ starts to tell me “last night I had a very meaningful dream, I am sure it is about our work”. I reply, “Tell me I am curious”.  

Her Dream

She was in a room and the TV was on. On the TV screen, her classmate is being interviewed by the TV reporter. She thinks: “why haven’t they chosen me?” but then she thinks “I couldn’t do that I anyway, I still have my usual problems.”  Afterwards she meets two people. One of these is a former priest who now gives spiritual lessons which she loves very much. They give her a challenge to complete, where she has to throw a bottle. She thinks she is not capable of this, especially because an empty bottle can’t go very far. In reality she throws the bottle with much strength and power, so much so that even the two people are surprised and comment on her good execution. After this her mentor (the ex-priest), asks her to massage his feet. She is also reflexologist. Then he shows her his feet which are ugly, harsh and very shrunken. In her mind she expected his feet to be better than how they were in the reality.


The first part indicates what she would like to do, put herself on show, but she fears the problem that she experiences. The dream then shows her that in reality, she has the strength to pass the test, which implies that she has more strength than she thought. The last part indicates to us what we have to work on: the feet. The feet are the symbol of unconscious. The priest (Virgo-Pisces) who should be spiritual and a master in spiritual teaching, is not so in fact: his feet –  ‘his unconscious’ in reality is rigid, ugly and contracted. We need to work on her unconscious part that is restricted and not able to be free. We remember that the underworld is the place where the treasures and riches are found, Moreover if we have Pluto conjunct with the Ascendant asin this case, she has the strength to do all that she wants, but her unconscious is not free to be manifested to work to help her in this, so we must try to test her conviction about her relationship with the unconscious.

ThetaHealing work after Astrology work

From this dream we find her conviction to test (we test unconscious convictions with Kinesiology):

● I am sure and safe to work with unconscious (no)

● Can i work with unconscious? (no)

● I am afraid of unconscious (yes)  

From here we made an ‘excavation’, a specific technique of ThetaHealing that allows us to find the original conviction behind the fear.  

We found these:

● I can’t work with the Unconscious because i may lose myself (yes)

● I can’t work with the Unconscious because i may lose my identity (yes)

After becoming aware of these facts with Kinesiology, we still have to carry out meditation work to change the belief. During the changing of these (with the meditations), other convictions come out on all levels, and the work goes on until, when checked again, the original convictions are changed to their opposites:

● I am sure and safe to work with unconscious (yes)

● Can i work with unconscious (yes)

● I am afraid of unconscious (no)

● I can’t work with Unconscious because I may lose myself (no)

● I can’t work with Unconscious because I may lose my identity (no)

● I can work with Unconscious because I can lose myself (yes)

● I can work with Unconscious because I can lose my identity (yes)

Another factor that came out from this was the need to deal not only with her lack of confidence, but in addition to work on and change her genetic imprinting, from her mother’s lineage, that also held the information and conviction that working with the unconscious was a sin. After all this work she was fine and she was able to work with no problems. It is important to note that she is a natural healer working with energies and the unconscious of her clients, and this quality can be seen in her chart as Pluto conjunct with Sun and Venus in Virgo Asc. Transform or cleanse the unconscious with energy or light in order to help heal. So here we have the dichotomy from “I could be a slave (Virgo) of the unconscious (Pluto)” and “I am able to work (Virgo) with it.”

Now the interesting thing of this method is that dream work associated with the natal chart can help explain exactly why some people can experience this kind of problem. Important too is the fact that this type of analysis is made by dreams interpretations. We are not working on an individual’s conscious or rational mind, but  rather are working with their unconscious mind, so all the work is deeper – we can work at a deeper level and directly on the root of the problem. These are shown to us in our dream research and our clients’ dreams. Normally, it takes a long time to achieve these results by a rational method. In this case ‘A.’ had been working on her problems for many years, (about 20 I believe), without ever finding the real solution. My dreamwork on her chart, with all the permutations, seems to have activated her own unconscious to give  her this clarifying dream, with all the solutions that were needed. From that dream we have taken all the convictions to change. The picture was clear, I knew this because her chart confirmed it to me.

The only problem that she had after the treatment was on a full moon day. We have Virgo Ascendant and Moon is her ruler. We know that Virgoans are more sensitive to the Moon because it is its ruler and Virgo people should check its movements. I also believe that the Moon shows us the old karma reflection on the memory of the instinctive brain, and it is linked with the ancient memories of the family and astral body. I think that when we do energy work like this we need time to concretise the new information in the physical world, so in ‘A.’s case the full moon could re-awaken her irrational and instinctive fears. However when she know this then it will clear and become stable. We have always to remember that we need to confirm our actions in real life because this enables us to build new synapses that replace the old ones with new ones that bring in new beliefs.