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Naturopathy aims to stimulate the innate capacity for self-healing or the return to the equilibrium of the human body, through the use of techniques and remedies in harmony with the "natural rhythms", with the "own, personal" and unique constitution of the individual. Read more

I started my naturopathic path almost as an obligatory step from certain points of view. In fact, having had a congenital heart problem since birth, the search for alternative treatments was a natural passage through the pursuit of well-being, after a period that was not exactly positive, but I had the Hip Hop Culture on my side that was opening my vision to other worlds. The first approach took place, at the time, with the practice of Viet Tai Chi, I was learning to perceive, and to understand, what is called by the Western disciplines "Qi". I was in the middle of changing: I was learning to take care of myself, through proper nutrition, correct thinking and correct use of knowledge. The study of the various scientific and non-scientific subjects, which led me to a dualistic conflict, had led me to think that the only way I had left was personal experience, I had the urge to learn more about the perception of "Qi" and the functioning of energy in the human body. It was then that, through a series of synchronicities, I found a school of naturopathy with a bio-energetic orientation, which allowed me to deepen precisely these topics. So I started, at the age of 23, the three-year course of the Academy of Naturopathy "A.n.e.a." with the final acquirement of the title of naturopath. Through the knowledge acquired with these studies, I began to give life to a thesis, which then turned into a personal technique -The Integrated Tong Ren-. I still continue to deepen new aspects and looking for new and more effective and comprehensive techniques, especially in the field of “Energetic Medicine", through the use of consciousness itself with vibrational techniques and remedies.